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Unfortunately there is  a lot  of  copies  of  KOENIG-SPECIALS  products  to  be  found  these  days. They are offered many  ways,  even  on  big  internet  sales  platforms.  There  the  name  KOENIG-SPECIALS is misused for advertising and selling poor quality copies around the world. Of course KOENIG-SPECIALS tries to stop  these  offers  but   refering  laws  in  different  countries make it often impossible or a long time process  for  legal  action  to  succeed.  

If  offered  KOENIG-SPECIALS parts, used KOENIG-SPECIALS converted cars or any other KOENIG-SPECIALS products, you may contact us for product authenticity (fee).

Important: please note that any inquiries will only be edited by email. We do not give any information on the phone.

For further information how to proceed, please read this.

Unnecessary to mention that only certified KOENIG-SPECIALS products are of value for owners and collectors.  Cars originally modified by KOENIG-SPECIALS go with a certificate of origin as well as with the necessary approvements (TÜV- Germany). Of course we are able to issue copies of certificates and approvements for original cars (chargeable service) - please note that this is only possible if refering documents are still available. 


Further information about inquiring  authenticity