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falsed fanshop / promotional / merchandise items - important information


Unfortunately these days you find lots of falsed fanshop items on the market. Especially on popular sales

platforms like ebay we detect fakes from time to time claiming to be original, being offered as collector´s 

items - often even at a high price.

Important to know here: our brand name, fanshop items, videos etc. are copyright  protected   and  any
unauthorized copying or sale is illegal - so better keep your hands off those items,  especially as they´re
not of any value.
This advice concerning fanshop items might help you:
- when being offered "rare" items, especially claiming to be signed by Willy Koenig you should always be 
   very careful as Willy very rarely signed any fanshop item (e. g. posters, postcards etc.).  There were
   never items signed in a larger number for sale - unfortunately his signature is often being falsed.
   Most recently we were reported falsed posters/photos of KOENIG C-62 signed by Willy Koenig.
- clothes (t-shirts, sweaters) were made in a very low number and only in few designs
- only a few versions of posters were designed back then
- clocks or watches were never made - these are falsed items misusing the name KOENIG-SPECIALS
- there was no such thing like whiskey glasses as a present for customers or dealers - these are fake
- always be sceptic if someone offers a larger number of items (e. g. on ebay) as original fanshop items
   are rather rare. Those items offered are most probably illegaly copied or even designed by abusing our

    our brand name. This concerns videos, posters and clothing which are reproduced in poor quality.

Please note: These days there are no KOENIG-dealerships anymore and there
is no former dealer  who is authorized to sell or reproduce fanshop-items.

You would like to know if an item is authentic ? Just contact us:

At the moment we are investigating several offers we are considering legal action against.

So if you want to be sure to buy authentic and legal fanshop items from KOENIG-SPECIALS 
you are invited to visit us at our fanshop: