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All tuning parts
are also available
for other cars

rear mufflers, complete stainless steel, polished, 4 endpipes each 80 mm diameter, no body-change necessary, supersound, power increase, on request

All KOENIG-exhaust systems may be ordered in extra-loud racing version

complete stainless steel, changed diameter, optimized
pipe-construction, additional power, one set, on request

KOENIG-replacement pipes
complete stainless steel, one set, on request

KOENIG-BBS-rims, 3-piece, exclusively at KOENIG SPECIALS

10 x 18 (standard 8,5 x 18) each on request

13 x 18 each on request

front 285/30 ZR 18 on request
rear 335/30 ZR 18 on request

19" wheels on request

sport suspension, racing adjustment, springs and shoks on request


racing brakes (GT 1 prototypes)
6-piston racing-calipers (titan/aluminium) front and rear (large braking-surface), racing-brake-discs front 378/36 mm and rear 356/32 mm (serial 355/335 mm, 4-piston calipper), better braking power, no fading, ventilated for optimum cooling, pads for street and racing use on request

special hand-brake, for racing brake, 2 adaptors for hand-brake calippers on request

twin-turbo engine
Development on test bench. Engine completely new developed by hitech-turbo- and racing engineers. Turbopistons with low compression 8,5 : 1, turbomanifold and exhaust, turbo electronic, intercoolers left and right in engine compartement, gearbox- and engine-cooling in rear, naca-inlets, metal-kat, suitable for road and track

power output:
up to 850 hp / 625 kw at 7.200 rpm, up to 800 nm at 6.500 rpm, max rpm 8.500; 1,47 kg/HP !!!, booster for power-regulation from 600–850 hp

driving performance depends on gear ratio and driver ability

on request

naca-inlets - compare above - on request

booster, power-regulation from 600–850 hp on request

sport clutch
sport-clutch sinter metal, up to 900 NM, perfect
operating, non-slipping, exact fitting on request

sport clutch sinter metal, for engines up to 600 NM or standard,
perfectly operating, non-slipping, exact fitting on request

rear wing center-part made of carbon, exclusive design, superior qualitiy, original carbon-black, clear varnish or painted in car’s colour, adjustable or fixed, for more downforce on request

rear wing center-part original adjustable,
for more downforce on request

frontflap carbon design, adjustable, stabilizes handling by generating more downforce
together with adjustable rear wing. Individual and optimum suspension-adjustment for
road or track on request

air scope on the roof for airbox, for more air
and power for the engine on request

naca-inlets, left + right for intercooler air and engine on request

carbon seats - size on request, padding made of fabric or leather, 4- or 6-point
seat belts on request

sport steering wheels different sizes and versions on request

weight saving about 50 kg of weight due to changed seats, removing of various covers...

on request

Mail order service for most items.

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